Questions I have about the upcoming X-Files reboot

As we have all heard by now, my favorite 90's show is coming back to TV!  The original series started when I was 9, and I was hooked from the start.  I watched every episode multiple times, and dreamed of becoming an FBI agent someday.  David Duchovny was my first major crush and I dyed my hair red because of Scully.  Naturally, I'm very excited to see what this new season brings.  However, the world is a very different place now.  I can't help but wonder how the passage of time and the changes we've undergone as a society will impact the show.  Here are some of my top questions.


1. How will the writers deal with the fact that the alien invasion was supposed to happen in 2012?  


2. Will Gillian go redhead again for the role or will Scully be blonde?


3. Will Mulder and Scully's son find out who his real parents are and try to find them?


4. Will the smoking man still be smoking?  Will he have a nifty e-cig or a nicotine patch instead?


5. Will Mulder still be using his old school projector, recording equipment, etc or will he be up to date with a high tech laptop that does all of the above?


6. Will Mulder and Scully use iPhones or Androids?


7. Will the Syndicate meetings take place in the dining room of a nursing home?  Those guys were super old 20 years ago.  


8. Will they rent anything other than a Ford?  Seriously, there are way better cars out there for running from bad guys.


9. Will we see Doggett or Reyes again?


10. Will Mulder and Scully still be a couple like in the last movie?  


What are you wondering about the X-Files reboot?  

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Comments (2)

  1. killingtime

    What are you wondering about the X-Files reboot?
    Will I not watch it like I didn’t watch the original?

    April 04, 2015
  2. atmartin06

    Killingtime: If you aren’t an x-phile and have no plans to watch, why did you bother commenting?? Go back under your bridge, troll.

    April 04, 2015