Overrun: A First-hand Account of Surviving a Supply Run

I approach the door of the mega-store cautiously, attempting to ascertain the peril I'm in.  What I discover is not good.  As I'd feared, the store is overrun.  I can see them shuffling around the store very slowly, going random directions with no semblance of order.  Most of them don't acknowledge the existence of anyone except themselves, with the exception of a few pairs who can't seem to navigate the store without holding hands and walking even excruciatingly slower than the individuals.  I shake my head, gearing up mentally for this important supply run.  It will take all the strength I have to make it out of here in one piece. 


With a burst of bravada, I enter through the double doors, grab a cart, and head straight for the grocery area, dodging the hoards of mindless slow-moving obstacles with relative ease.  I get nervous when a couple of them look at me, and quickly duck down a different aisle to avoid them.  After briefly gathering the needed supplies, I quickly scan the aisles once more for an item I would like but don't necessarily need.  Three aisles later, I haven't found it and I am mentally exhausted from avoiding and fighting off the hoards.  I decide it's time to go, and head for the front of the store.  Unfortunately, it's not going to be that easy.  As I pull out of one aisle, a slow-mover steps in my path and looks at me, causing me to backtrack with a sigh.  I escape out the next aisle, only to be cut off three more times.  These sudden avoidance maneuvers are getting redundant, I have to get out of here.  I'm almost to the registers, when suddenly I'm stuck behind a massive hoard that is acting as a wall.  More of them are coming up behind me, and I have nowhere to go in front.  I'm terrified now, my heart jumping into my throat as they approach.  I've survived so long, and this is how it will end?  No!  I fight my way through the crowd, finding the resolve to reach the exit. 


As I pile the supplies into my vehicle, I breathe a sigh of relief and look back once more at the terrifyingly overrun store.  I see a few of them start to come out, so I quickly get in the car and drive away.  Thank goodness that errand is done. 




Safely back home in my shelter, I recall the terrifying encounter and feel thankful to be home.  In the future, I have to remember that it is NOT a good idea to go to Target on a Sunday.  ;)


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