I relate to Ted Mosby, and this is why

I love watching How I Met Your Mother.  It’s not just the infectious humor that draws me to the show.  It’s the raw, real emotion that is behind so many scenes in the show.  I especially relate to Ted Mosby, and not only because we are both from Northeast Ohio and were both deeply affected by Lebron James’ abandonment.  Like me, Ted is a hopeless romantic.  He refuses to follow the “three days rule” or any other rules that dictate how to interact with a potential future paramour.  In today’s fucked up society, you are apparently supposed to pretend that you don’t give a shit about someone (even if you really do love them).  You are supposed to pretend like you’re not staring at your phone, wishing they would call or text (and especially not supposed to call or text them first).  You are supposed to randomly sleep with other people to prove how not into this person you are (even if you spend your nights wishing they were there in your bed).  And this is normal?  I get Ted’s point of view.  It makes no sense to act that way.  What happened to just being honest?!


Through 9 seasons on the show, we see the struggle of every young adult who aspires toward more than a string of meaningless one-night-stands (even though that’s supposedly the dream).  Like me, Ted achieves admirable professional success and develops a pretty well-rounded personality in his late 20’s and early 30’s.  Yet, he continually strikes out in the love department.  I understand how frustrating that is.  It doesn’t seem right that someone who is smart, successful, good looking, and honestly caring can find nothing but disregard in the dating world while the players and gold diggers win every time. 


Throughout the show, Ted comes to one conclusion that I can really truly agree with.  He discovers that any girl who actually buys into all these ridiculous societal rules is not the girl for him.  If she doesn’t like that he calls before 3 days have passed, corrects spelling errors on the menu, and says “I love you” before they’ve known each other for years, she is not the one for him.  It’s tough to admit, but that’s true.  I guess, when/if I meet “The One,” he won’t be freaked out if I text him every day to ask how his day was.  He won’t mind if I say “I love you” before years have dragged by.  And,when/ if LeBron abandons us Clevelanders once again, he will be sympathetic and supportive during that difficult time.  I hope he is out there somewhere.  Until I find him, I will continue to make life as legendary as possible on my own.  And I will always be true to myself and my dreams, even if I’m a laughingstock for years to come because I’m foolish enough to believe in true love. 

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