I am that girl in the mirror: a poem about bullying


I am that girl in the mirror




I was that girl in the mirror

Scrutinizing every curve

Voices invading my head

Voices of all of my dread

Hearing that hurtful F word

Louder they get the longer I look

Feeling all the abuse I took


Every day was a struggle

Fighting for my self esteem

It was that way for years

Can’t even count the tears

Wishing for compassion

But bullies just want a reaction


 They didn’t care how words cut me

It was all just a big joke

Even when the razor actually cut me

Up and down my arms, deeper now

Drawing blood to release the pain

Still they care only about social gain


 Fifteen years later, still at the mirror

Still hearing those voices, still in fear

Reassuring myself that I look okay

Trying to believe it, trying so hard

That word still slicing my mind

Like a sharpened glass shard


 This kind of abuse is preventable

With just a touch of compassion

Teach your children to be kind

Teach them to have an open mind

Tell them it’s okay to stray from the crowd

Because you can’t apologize to someone who’s in the ground.


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