5 Benefits of Being Unpopular in High School

Ah, high school.  Chances are, it was either the best four years of your life or the worst.  In the movies, we see only the bad things that happen to unpopular kids : the ridicule, practical jokes, and complete disregard for their humanity.  As it turns out, those are only temporary problems.  Later in life, the same people who spent high school trying to fly below the radar are likely to soar to new heights as adults.  So, all you awesome geeks and nerds, sit back and enjoy this nice glass of lemonade I've made out of the the lemons of our collective pain.  


1.  You adjust more easily to the expectations of adult life.  While the cool kids were wrapped up in who won the football game, who was having a kegger this weekend, and who they were going to stuff into a locker next, we were actually reading, learning, and expanding our minds (in between a bit of private recreation, let's be honest).  When you get into the workplace as an adult, there's no free pass for quarterbacks and cheerleaders.  You are expected to work independently and work hard with no special treatment.  That's pretty easy if you are used to going it alone and working hard for everything.  It would be a much more difficult adjustment if you are used to skating through life based on your looks and popularity.  


2.  If you don't have social plans on the weekend, it's not the end of the world.  It's nice to have someone to hang out with, don't get me wrong, but your happiness shouldn't depend on whether or not you have company.  When you grow up being your own best friend, you get comfortable just doing your own thing and don't necessarily need other people.  If you get an invitation to something, that's awesome.  If not, making pasta and watching Netflix at home sounds just as enjoyable.  


3.  You don't feel the need to keep up with every trend.  Let's face it, it's exhausting and expensive to always be trying to figure out what to wear based on what other people are wearing.  Those of us who have been thinking independently our whole lives have the freedom to wear whatever we like and we really don't care if it's "in" or "out." 


4.  You really don't give a shit what anyone thinks of you, and that's so liberating. Once you've spent your formative years being hated and judged for no reason, you become immune to petty assholes and enjoy living life just being yourself.  Anyone who is truly worthwhile will like you for who you are, and anyone who doesn't can just kindly fuck off while you continue living life and being awesome.  


5.  You look for a romantic partner based on the things that really matter, rather than the superficial things.  Looks fade and money can be gone overnight, but someone who has a genuinely good heart and compassion for others will always have those good characteristics.  When you fall for someone from the inside out rather than vice versa, they are less likely to end up being just another disappointment.  And bonus!  Chances are, they are cool with staying in together for pasta and Netflix night.  


So, there it is.  If you survived high school as an unpopular kid like I did, take a look at yourself now and realize that you are awesome and no one can ever take that away from you.  Onwards and upwards!  


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    May 14, 2016